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Yukon’s Bhangra sensation Gurdeep Pandher to visit Vanderhoof in May

Good Neighbours Committee is hosting sessions with Pandher on May 31 and June 1
Yukon-based Bhangra dance sensation Gurdeep Pandher will visit Vanderhoof next month. (Gurdeep Pandher/ Facebook) Yukon-based Bhangra dance sensation Gurdeep Pandher will visit Vanderhoof next month. (Gurdeep Pandher/ Facebook)

Social media sensation Gurdeep Pandher, renowned for his viral Bhangra dance (Punjabi folk dance) videos, is preparing for his upcoming visit to Vanderhoof next month.

Yukon-based Pandher expressed his excitement for his first-ever visit to Vanderhoof.

The Good Neighbours Committee (GNC) is bringing Pandher to Vanderhoof and area collaborating with School District 91 to organise Bhangra sessions for students on May 31, with a community session planned for June 1.

Pandher has been a proponent of joy, positivity, and cross-cultural understanding since his social media videos of performing Bhangra in the Yukon went viral during the pandemic.

Following the relaxation of restrictions, Pandher travelled across the country, visiting communities and hosting public Bhangra sessions.

Pandher expressed his enthusiasm for the visit, revealing how a recent Facebook post sparked a connection with a friend from the Yukon who originates from Vanderhoof.

“I am eagerly anticipating the visit,” he said.

When asked about the impression he hopes to leave on the people and students of Vanderhoof, Gurdeep stated his primary aim is to spread a message of joy, hope, and positivity.

“In a world where negativity can often overshadow the positives, I believe it’s imperative for people like us to share the energy of joy within our community, creating a ripple effect of happiness and optimism,” he explained.

Gurdeep stressed the importance of building bridges across diverse cultures, promoting unity, inclusivity, and mutual respect. “It’s about acknowledging diversity but embracing it wholeheartedly,” he emphasised, highlighting the need to celebrate cultural differences rather than merely tolerating them.

Furthermore, Gurdeep expressed his passion for the power of physical movement, particularly Bhangra dancing, a folk dance of Punjab known for its vibrant energy and infectious rhythm.

He expressed his desire to introduce more people to Bhangra dancing as a pathway to joy and good health.

“We live in a world fraught with stress and anxiety,” he added, “Therefore, the pursuit of joy, whether through building cultural bridges or engaging in physical activities like Bhangra dancing, becomes even more important.”

As preparations for his visit are underway, Gurdeep issued a special request to participants, urging them to bring a bottle of water and wear running or workout shoes and clothing for his session.

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