Terrace to Kitimat power line project delay

The delay in construction won’t have an impact on electricity supply in the area

Terrace to Kitimat power line project delay

The start of construction of BC Hydro’s Terrace to Kitimat power line was delayed this summer as the project engineers are still conducting a review of the transmission line tower designs.

BC Hydro Media Relations’ Tanya Fish said the review is looking at options to provide more clearance space and improve safety for crews when they perform work on the line.

She said, however, that delay in construction wouldn’t have an impact on electricity supply in the area.

“We’ll continue to maintain the existing transmission line to ensure continued, reliable service for customers in the area,” said Fish.

In early 2015 BC Hydro opted to build a single line down the west side of the Kitimat Valley after completing a study to replace the existing transmission line which runs between Terrace and Kitimat, and then to Rio Tinto.

The existing 287 kilovolt transmission line between the Skeena substation near Terrace and the Minette substation near Kitimat is nearly 50 years old and needs to be replaced with a new line.

The project also involves replacing the short transmission line between the Minette substation and the Kitimat substation at Rio Tinto.

A west-side power line benefits from being 10 km shorter between substations.

Fish couldn’t confirm when the project would start or whether the delay would have any cost implications.

“At this time, there’s not a lot of additional information available that we can share with you,” said Fish.

“We’ll have more on the project later this year, at which time we’ll be reaching out to stakeholders and First Nations in the area to provide a project update.”