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Rogers approved for new 43-metre cell tower in Kitimat


Rogers Communication has been given a green light to build its 43-metre communications tower in northeast Kitimat, on the Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club property.

This decision comes after a months-long public consultation process, during which Rogers Communications reported receiving no public comments on the project.

Last August, councillor Mario Feldhoff led council with several neighbourhood-level concerns regarding light pollution emanating from the tower’s beacons, asking Rogers to eliminate or reduce those impacts before moving forward.

In its proposal to council Feb. 5, Rogers confirmed that because the tower does not pose an aeronautical obstruction to any nearby flight paths, it would propose to Transport Canada and NAV Canada on using lighting only as needed.

“We do have to follow their regulatory requirements and their formal response, however it is our intent to propose no lighting … or, if required, the least impactful type of lighting available,” the report read.

Councillor Feldhoff welcomed the news and led a successful motion to approve the proposal.

“They’re response gives me some comfort,” Feldhoff said. “I’m very appreciative.”

Rogers says it needs the tower in the northeast corner of town to ensure uninterrupted coverage and meet growing demand for wireless services.

There are no buildings tall enough in the coverage area to support a co-location model.

The proposed tower would be located at 2000 Kingfisher Ave N, east of the parking lot at Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club. The base of 43-metre tall structure will be surrounded with a fenced compound of about 15 metres wide with an equipment shelter. Tower components include two microwave dishes, 12 antennas with 4G and 5G capacity and the potential of aviation beacons as discussed by council.

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