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Kitimat to undertake annual water-main flushing

Maintenance operation will conclude by June 24
The District of Kitimat’s annual water main flushing program will commence April 15, and is expected to last until June 24. (File photo)

The District of Kitimat has announced its annual water main flushing program will commence April 15 and conclude by June 24.

This routine exercise, integral to the district’s water management strategy, seeks to ensure the continued delivery of clean and safe water to residents.

During this period, residents may notice a temporary discolouration of their water. However, the district says the water will remain safe for use throughout the operation. To address any concerns regarding discoloured water, the district advises people to let their taps run until the water appears clear. It is also recommended to avoid using hot water while discolouration persists, to prevent any sediment from entering water heaters or storage tanks.

The water main flushing serves as a critical component of the district’s long-term water quality management.

By flushing out sediments and refreshing the pipes, this annual program plays a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity and safety of the water system. The district highlights that the need for this essential maintenance will continue even after the completion of the new water treatment facility.

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