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Haisla Nation Council is moving to end the community checkpoint

Starting March 19th at noon, the community traffic checkpoint will conclude
Haisla gate attention board which requests only local traffic or persons conducting business on behalf of the community to go past this point (Haisla Nation Council photo)

After nearly a year of access into Kitamaat Village being controlled, the community checkpoint is coming down Friday.

The checkpoint began in the early days of COVID-19 as a way to control the potential spread of the virus into the village and residents have worked hard to protect the community and help prevent the spread of the virus.

“With vaccinations ongoing in the province and the first round finished in Kitamaat Village itself, and with cases remaining low to date in the community, Haisla Nation Council is moving to end the checkpoint, effective by noon on March 19,” the Haisla Nation Council said.

However, the Haisla Nation wants to remind everyone that the pandemic is not over.

“Despite this new phase of the pandemic, COVID-19 is still very real, in our community and across the world,” the council stated.

Abiding by public health recommendations, the village is still calling for restricted travel, asking non-members of the community to avoid travelling into the village unless there for business-related reasons.

Also concerned about the protection of the traditional Haisla language, Haisla Nation Chief Councillor Crystal Smith said the safety of the elders is still a high priority for the Haisla Nation.

These elders make up most of the remaining fluent Haisla speakers, something the community very much wants to protect.

“If you have been vaccinated, public health orders still apply to you. Don’t give up the fight to keep those close to you safe as everyone awaits a turn to receive a vaccination,” Haisla Nation Council said. “We appreciate everyone’s continued patience during the time of the checkpoint and their understanding of its purpose to protect the community’s health.”

For more information regarding social distancing and vaccine appointments for seniors, visit