Don’t pay until you see the goods!

RCMP Roundup

Don’t pay until you see the goods!

Lock it or lose it

RCMP Media Relations Officer Const. Rebekah Draht has repeated a call for vehicle owners to lock up.

This follows another two reports of items being stolen out of vehicles, this time on the nights of November 7 and 8. Both vehicles were parked outside on the street up the hill on Swannell and Petrel streets, unlocked

“The thieves are stealing mostly small items out of the vehicles,” said Draht. “Motorists need to make sure their doors are locked and they have removed valuables from their vehicles.”

She added that even though Kitimat is a small town and people don’t always lock their vehicles, there are opportunistic thieves who will engage in petty crime.

Going, going, gone

Draht issued a warning to people buying items through buy and sell groups on social media to not transfer money electronically until they are face to face with the seller.

This comes after one unfortunate Kitimat resident, out of good faith, transferred money electronically to a supposed seller of a couch, only to discover there was no couch and the seller was nowhere to be found.

“People are taking a chance when they pay online,” said Draht. “Only hand the cash over once you see the items.”


Draht said as the festive season starts drawing closer the number of noise complaints are already on the increase.

“While it’s great that people are getting into the holiday spirit, they shouldn’t do so at the expense of others,” said Draht.

She said the complaints included everything from loud music, to people “standing outside yelling and screaming”.

Kitimat’s noise bylaw is a 24-hour bylaw, and breaking it can result in a $100 fine.

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