DoK - cutting down of trees unavoidable

DoK – cutting down of trees unavoidable

Chopping down part of the District’s management of walkways

The District of Kitimat has responded to complaints from readers and criticism on social media following the chopping down of trees at the pedestrian bridge over Haisla Boulevard.

District Leisure Services director Martin Gould said a number of trees had been identified for chopping down as part of the District’s management of walkways and clearing of growth around power lines.

“As part of this process we identified a number of trees along Haisla Boulevard that required either removal, or the trimming of branches,” said Gould.

He said a number of alder trees had a number of ‘widow makers’, which are loosely defined as any overhead debris such as limbs or tree tops that may fall at any time.

He said alder trees are notorious for creating problems when they reach a certain age.

The contractor also took down six large pine trees, three of which Gould said had shown signs of rot and were busy dying.

“While we were cutting those down we decided to take the other three down that were close to the power lines,” said Gould.

He said the District is planning to replace many of the trees that were cut down alongside the walkways.