Are you registered?

Are you registered?

The RapidNotify system will alert residents in the case of a disaster

The District of Kitimat would like residents who have recently moved to the town to register on the RapidNotify system.

District Communications Officer Josh Marsh said the RapidNotify system is used to alert residents to the existence of an emergency that may require residents to act as soon as possible.

“In the event of an emergency to alert the mass public, RapidNotify will send out a message informing them of the emergency,” said Marsh.

He said the database currently has 4,617 contacts obtained from publicly available information (the White Pages), including landline telephone numbers for people and businesses located within Kitimat.

“We also have another 350 contacts who have provided additional contact methods, either cell phone and/or email addresses, during public events or via online registration through the District of Kitimat’s website,” added Marsh.

Residents who have a telephone at home and allow their phone number to be published are automatically registered.

Once there is an event identified and the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) has been triggered, the EOC will send out the notification immediately.

On a land line, the phone will ring and a message will be read out when someone picks up the phone.

On a cellphone, the user will receive either a text message or an email, depending on how they registered.

He said the system, which was sponsored by LNG Canada, will be tested periodically. He wouldn’t say when the testing would occur.

“The more publicity we give it, the less surprised people will be when we test it,” said Marsh.

To register, or to update details, click here.

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