(Coastal GasLink photo)

(Coastal GasLink photo)

Alternate access trail along Kitimat River created

The new road will be used by Coastal GasLink for equipment transportation

Coastal GasLink has upgraded and created a new alternate access trail along the Kitimat River so it can safely begin working on its mainline pipeline construction and direct pipeline installation under the river, starting July 6.

The new road, which is commonly referred to as Lower Dyke Road, will be used by Coastal GasLink for equipment transportation. Though the road gives better access to the Kitimat River, the alternate trail will be restricted to the public during the day and will only be available for pedestrians and motor vehicles from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Construction activities will commence at the Kitimat River and progress in parallel to Lower Dyke Road until reaching the juncture at the dyke itself.

While there are no anticipated permanent road closures required as part of this activity, some traffic control at intersections near the project will be required for specialty equipment to make wide turns.

Pipeline construction activities and subsequent access restrictions are expected to run until November 30, 2021.

In early June, also Coastal GasLink began burning vegetative matter such as non-merchantable trees, stumps, roots, shrubs, branches and other debris from regulatory approved clearing activities, for their right-of-way project, which is expected to finish by December, 2021.

The right-of-way project is approximately 45 metres wide, but once construction is complete, the right-of-way will be maintained at approximately 32 metres in width to allow for operation and to keep the area above the pipe clear. The width of the permanent right-of-way may vary depending on local requirements.

As of the May update, 77 per cent of Section 8 has been cleared with 39 per cent graded and five per cent of pipe installed.

Construction along the pipeline route had been slowed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but Coastal GasLink now says it is ramping up activity with this summer being crucial to the overall work plan.

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