Why is nothing named after Thom?

Dear Editor,

As I sat at former Mayor George Thom’s memorial service and listened to all the accomplishments made during his time as Mayor to help improve our community, I wondered why there is nothing done to honour him.

No streets, rooms, buildings or parks are named after him, yet this man and his council helped this community in so many positive ways.

Many of you who are new to our community will not be aware of the hugh impact he had on our community and its amenities.

This is a list of many, but not all:

1) Riverlodge was created from the old YMCA and two bunkhouses.

2) Cablecar was created and the first lots auctioned.

3) Kitimat partnered with B.C. transit to provide public transport for the community.

4) Kitimat partnered with the school board to build Mount Elizabeth Theater.

5) He put together a team that convinced Ocelot, later called Methanex, to locate in Kitimat rather than Prince Rupert, where the province wanted it to go.

6) Tamitik was built.

7) Built the present RCMP building.

8) Became twin cities with Imatra, Finland, after which Imatra Heights in Kitimat was named.

9) Convinced Alcan to release land so that Mountain View Square could be developed.

With all these great accomplishments, Thom still made time to sit on the Union of B.C. Municipalities and serve as President, while still making time to have fun.

Thom and his council provided many jobs for people and improved the community as a whole, in a positive way.

The Thom family was one of the original business families in Kitimat. Unlike others who came, made their money and left, the Thom family are still invested here and providing jobs some 60 years later!

Keep smiling,

I’m watching and listening,

Roma Burnett