The tango comes to Kitimat

The tango comes to Kitimat

Dwight Mageeā€™s exhibition at the museum

For as long as he can remember photographer Dwight Magee has been entranced with the tango.

“The tango is a vibrant, playful and ultimately sensual dance between two people. When one watches the tango it’s as though one becomes a voyeur – watching a choreographed courtship that exudes both passion and sexuality.”

In his exhibition Tango Seduction currently showing at the Kitimat Museum and Archives, Magee communicates that fashion through a series of photos taken in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the birthplace and heart of the tango.

For two weeks in the spring of 2018, Magee travelled the streets and visited the milongas (a milonga is a venue where the Argentine tango is danced). Buenos Aires is so unlike any other city that is passionate about its national treasure.

The exhibition captures images of dancers in harmony and connection through the embrace of the tango.

The exhibition is open and runs until August 3.