Museum asking for your energy questions

An upcoming exhibit at the Kitimat Museum & Archives seeks public's input on energy questions.

The Kitimat Museum & Archives is looking forward this time, rather than backwards, and setting to work establishing  a community dialogue about energy.

Anything energy.

But the co-curators for this program — called Kitimat Questions: Energy — Louise Avery and Robin Rowland, are seeking a bit of community engagement to make the exhibit a great success.

Right now they are asking for people in the community to submit their questions about anything energy, which they will in turn pose to various stakeholders, from the companies themselves to local government representatives.

The answers will be put on display at the museum later this year, complementing an exhibit of artworks on display from local artists and students, putting down creatively how they picture energy.

Community talks are also in the works but no speakers have yet been confirmed.

Rowland said that at the very least they’re not trying to bring in ‘the usual suspects’ as far as energy talks go.

“We’re trying to get some high-level speakers,” said Rowland.

“We want to get beyond the usual suspects who have been here before.”

For Avery, the safe dialogue is important.

“We wanted to have a respectful conversation where people can be heard, their concerns about jobs, their concerns about the economy, their concerns about air quality…”

To gather input, the two are welcoming community questions. People can e-mail them to the museum at, use the website at, or visit the Kitimat Questions: Energy Facebook page.

They hope to have all the questions by April 1 to begin sending out to those who’ll answer the questions.

Avery and Rowland are also open to sponsorship offers from local businesses.