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MEMSS 12th graders unveil their capstone projects

Cadence Grant explored oolichan and traditional harvesting of grease, further building her knowledge and cultural connections.

Grade 12 students at Mount Elizabeth Middle Secondary School revealed their Capstone projects at a Capstone Fair on May 15, with the aim of showcasing learning and inspiring others. As a final step towards graduation, each Grade 12 produces a Capstone project illustrating their talents, skills, and abilities.

Students choose a topic and develop the project as part of Career Life Connections, a required course for graduation. Projects are in-depth explorations of passions, interests, and/or possible future occupations.

Each project requires research, mentor connection, and a physical aspect. Resulting Capstones are individual and unique.

This year’s topic range was diverse and creative. Community-connected projects included: a legacy scholarship, MEMSS school video, and an exploration of oolichan.

Passion-related topics included: wood-working, stained-glass, piano, and creative writing.

Occupation explorations included various trades, professions, and careers, including millwright, automotive technician, video game developer, X-ray technician, dentistry, and restaurateur.

The Capstone Fair bustled with activity as Grade 12s shared their culminating endeavors with students and staff of MEMSS, generating enthusiasm and illustrating the upcoming Graduates’ talents and ambitions.

Ethan Furtado combined passions for guitar and woodworking to build an electric guitar, which he played throughout the Capstone Fair.
Preston Rego explored careers in coding and video game development, as a passion and possible avenue for future studies. Submitted photo