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Major Haisla art exhibit gala set for May 10

The Kitimat Museum and Archives will celebrate the grand opening of its 20+ Haisla artist exhibition on May 10 at the Kitimat City Centre Mall. (Contributed)

In a celebration of culture and creativity, the Kitimat Museum and Archives is set to host a highly-anticipated exhibition showcasing the diverse talents of the Haisla community.

Scheduled for its grand opening gala on May 10, 7 p.m., at the Kitimat City Centre Mall, the event marks a significant initiative to honour both the traditional and contemporary facets of Haisla artistry.

“For the first time, we’re showcasing a broad spectrum of Haisla artists,” said Louise Avery, the executive director of the Kitimat Museum and Archives.

“This isn’t just about cultural identity; it’s about the remarkable range of art our community creates.”

The Haisla Artists Exhibition is a pivotal moment for the museum, which has previously hosted large Haisla shows.

However, this year’s event stands out by featuring an unprecedented cross-section of more than 20 Haisla artists, highlighting the museum’s renewed commitment to inclusivity and collaboration.

As Kitimat Museum and Archives continue to deepen its ties with the Haisla Nation Council, discussions about a new shared facility to feature all local artists and history are progressing.

This exhibition plays a crucial role in these evolving partnerships and the shared goals of reconciliation.

The exhibition is not only a platform for artistic expression but also an embodiment of support for the artists. It includes practical assistance such as covering shipping costs for artists outside the area and ensuring compensation meets national industry standards for artists. Moreover, a gala featuring Haisla drummers will complement the visual exhibit.

Financial backing for the exhibition has been robust, with contributions of $5,000 each from key stakeholders including the Haisla Nation Council, the District of Kitimat, Rio Tinto, and LNG Canada. The opening gala is being held at the mall to accommodate a large gathering. The show itself will continue at the Kitimat Museum and Archives through July 13, 2024.

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