Magical tale to unfold at the MET

Kathleen Jeffery
Tired of all the snow? Winter blahs getting you down?

Kathleen Jeffery

Tired of all the snow? Winter blahs getting you down?

Well the Kitimat Concert Association has the cure and we’re bringing it to you on Friday March 4 at the Mount Elizabeth Theatre as we present Corbian’s “Darwin”.

Just picture it; you’re in the theatre, the lights go down, and out of the inky darkness you see pterodactyls flying across the stage, their bodies made of light.

Feel the wonder as you watch fantastical creatures glowing on a black stage as a story the whole family can enjoy unfolds.

The story begins with Professor Henslow, a famous scientist who has magic powers.

We find him in his workshop, putting his latest creation, Darwin, together piece by piece. With a wave of Henslow’s magic wand, Darwin is brought to life.

Darwin is much more than a pet – he is a dinosaur, a wild and primitive creature. Though he learns to take his first steps from his creator, Darwin’s animal instincts eventually take over and he succumbs to his predatory nature.

Realizing that he is suddenly in danger, Professor Henslow cleverly responds by making Darwin a heart, thereby creating in Darwin compassion for other beings.

Darwin is transformed and a lasting bond develops between creator and beast. Professor Henslow encourages Darwin to explore life beyond the workshop and sends him off with fireflies to guide him through the night.

Darwin encounters many different types of creatures – Verla, the gangly ostrich; Peche, the beautiful fish; and Brutus, the menacing red dinosaur to name a few.

From each experience, He learns something new about the world around him.

In the end, when Brutus threatens Professor Henslow, Darwin is forced to make a decision, one that will alter his life forever and, ultimately, lead him to discover the true meaning of love.

Gaze in wonder as you watch these characters made of light come to life on the stage.

The secret to the wonderful visual effects is something called EL wire. EL wire is an electroluminescent wire that is powered by batteries.

Unlike black light, the technology glows from within and requires no outside source of power.

This allows the performers to become anything the story requires and the results are absolutely breathtaking.

Please join us for a one of a kind performance that will lift your spirits.

Tickets can be bought at the door. Adults $27, Seniors $25, and Student $17 or buy your tickets early at Book Masters for $2 off.

I think tickets will go fast so get your seats while you still can and we’ll see you at the MET.