Learn all about Pima



Kitimat, you have made a big contribution to the ongoing work of bringing help and hope to Babicora, the remote Pima village in northern Mexico.

A Team from Kitimat on the initial trip in 2007 was involved in supply and distribution of much needed food and clothing.

Subsequent teams in 2008 added ground breaking and laid the foundation of a large multifunctional church/aid distribution building.

In 2009 and 2010 construction and installation of the roof was completed. We have just learned that half of the floor has been completed since we left in August.

So many beneficial changes have come to the neglected Pima through this work to bring food, medical aid, and a building for continuing aid distribution.

Did you ever wonder, how this all got started, who’s leading and where is it going? Good questions.

This is your invitation to come and meet the one who got it all started – Pastor Tomas Bencomo from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico – and hear him share his passion and vision for the work with the Pima.

Pastor Tomas has led efforts to help the Pima and the neighbouring Tarahumara people with food, medical aid, a school and orphanage.

Learn why these people are in such dire need, what the situation is really like in northern Mexico and opportunities for this year’s team.

It takes place at 7 p.m. Thursday, February 3. at Mountain View Alliance Church, 1332 Lahakas Blvd. Kitimat. All are welcome, light snacks, coffee and tea will also served. Call Rick Reinert 250-639-9487 for further information.