The Kitimat River in July. (Clare Rayment photo)

The Kitimat River in July. (Clare Rayment photo)

Good News, Kitimat!

Bringing some local good news to your week

The Kitimat Northern Sentinel is starting up a new section of the paper we like to call ‘Good News, Kitimat!’

Did your child just say their first word or take their first steps?

Did you do really well on that project you worked really hard on?

Did you see a movie or read a book that just made you feel really good?

Well the Northern Sentinel wants to hear from you. Send in your good news of the week stories to or send us a message on Facebook to see it featured in the paper, and help spread some good news around town!

Here are some good news stories from this week:

“For all the cards, letters and emails of encouragement and memories shared during Jack [Schroyer]’s illness and heartfelt condolences with his passing, I sincerely thank you all. As Jack would say when something touched his heart: ‘Never to be forgotten. Never to be taken lightly’.”

— Bonnie Schroyer

“With the weather being snowy, slushy, and foggy, majority of people have been using their blinkers to indicate lane changes and turning, which makes me very happy!”

— M.J.

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