Clare Rayment/Kitimat Northern Sentinel

Clare Rayment/Kitimat Northern Sentinel

Good News, Kitimat!

Bringing some local good news to your week

Here are some good news stories from Kitimat readers this week:

“I just wanted to share how great CMA (Central Mountain Air) are with their service and people. Traveling with them made the horrible reason I was flying made it actually bearable. I highly recommend them. Service and kindness are outstanding.”

— Sue Galbraith

“I just wanted to do a positive shout out to a Howard S. for taking time out of his day to help two total strangers. Silly me left the lights on in my car when out for a dog walk. When my friend and I got back to the Kitimat golf course parking lot, my car battery was (naturally) dead. Mr. S. was parked beside us and just leaving. He instead hesitated to see if all was okay. Unfortunately I didn’t even have jumper cables, and he didn’t have his with him either. So, not only did Howard take the time to help us, but he drove all the way to his home and back to get his cables, as well as stayed (through what was a hassle with my car) until it started back up. Anyways, so so grateful for the kindness of this gentleman who went out of his way. Thank you, Howard S. You’re a hero!”

— Kat Maxwell

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