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A closer look at 2023 Skeena Salmon Arts Show featured artist Alicia Taylor

Taylor’s glass creations radiate with natural elements

For more than two decades, Alicia Taylor’s glass art has shimmered with intricate patterns and evocative wildlife depictions. Originating in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Taylor shows her appreciation for wildlife, which she says “brings the work alive.”

Taylor first found joy in stained glass, fusing pieces in a kiln, she created lifelike renditions of creatures. “Each piece that I design comes out beautifully unique in the end,” she reflected.

Since relocating to the northwest, Taylor’s artwork has evolved. The region’s rich natural elements — from driftwood and river rocks to the majestic salmon — have integrated themselves into her creations.

“I am inspired by all of the amazing local artists here, and I’m honoured to be included in this show with my own interpretation of salmon,” she said. “Salmon is not only an important part of life and of the ecosystem of the northwest but also quite a fun subject matter.”

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“I love finding the perfect colours and textures in my glass that can showcase their colour and underwater movement and then scouring the local riverbeds for the right pieces of driftwood that accentuate each piece.

Her work is a testament to the ever-evolving journey of an artist and the beauty that emerges when local culture and nature fuse with individual talent and passion.

Taylor’s work was on display at the Skeena Salmon Arts Show first at the Terrace Art Gallery and now in Kitimat at the Kitimat Museum & Archives from Sept. 8 to Oct. 7. It then moves to the Smithers Art Gallery from Oct. 10 to Nov. 11.

Alicia Taylor is one of a group of 2023 Skeena Salmon Arts Show artists being featured each week.