Results from Kitimat’s Mr. and Mrs.

The results from Kitimat's 24th annual Mr.s and Mrs. Golf Tournament.

The Hirsch Creek Golf & Winter Club held their 24th annual Mr. & Mrs. Golf Tournament on the weekend of June 1 and 2.  Sixty-five couples from across the Northwest converged on the club for a fun weekend of great golf weather and socializing. Overall low gross was captured by Don and Janie Olson from Smithers with a score of 148 and overall low net went to a local couple, Bob and Barbara Cartwright, with a score of 125. The full results as follows:


1st Low Gross    Brian & Rose Holkestad (PR)  153

1st Low Net         Don & Janice Malkow (Smithers)  135

2nd Low Gross    Jeff Trousil & Lori-Ann Seppala  169

2nd Low Net        Terry Sawka & Susan MacKenzie (PR)  137

3rd Low Gross     Lyle Bazansky & Karin Williamson (PR)  175

3rd Low Net         Grant & Michele Frater  138

4th Low Gross     Ron & Joanne Bennato  177

4th Low Net         Frank & Barb Thomas  141

5th Low Gross     Ervin & Jackie Himech (Houston)  178

5th Low Net         Russel & Charlotte Nicholson  143


1ST Low Gross    Andrew & Carol Schaeffer (PR)  174

1st Low Net         Gerry Gilchrist & Carol Cresswell  136

2nd Low Gross    Brian & Anna Krause  181

2nd Low Net        Russ & Christine Giraldi  139

3rd Low Gross     Dallas & Joy Stevenson (Terrace)  183

3rd Low Net         Al & Ann Huls (Houston)  139

4th Low Gross     Larry & Karen Flynn (Houston)  184

4th Low Net         Ryan McDonald & Jill Lawrence  142

5th Low Gross     Heikki & Irja Juustila  185

5th Low Net         Paul deJong & Fatima Reynolds  142


1st Low Gross    Art Emmerson & Cherie Seppala  189

1st Low Net         Andy & Edith Grobins (Houston)  139

2nd Low Gross    Doug & Susan Jay  194

2nd Low Net        Harry & Larry Murphy  139

3rd Low Gross     Ron & Linda Miller (PR)  199

3rd Low Net         Ray & Megan Taylor  143

4th Low Gross     Rod & Dawn Szydlik (Houston)  200

4th Low Net         John & Sally Newton (PR)  143

5th Low Gross     Michael & Sonya Bowes (Houston)  203

5th Low Net         Don & Shiela Reeves  149


1st Low Gross    Wayne & Bev Epp (Terrace)  198

1st Low Net         Brad & Cherise Norwood (Terrace)  141

2nd Low Gross    Ron & Karen Leibach  208

2nd Low Net        Joe Pacheco & Dorit Lindner  145

3rd Low Gross     Bruce & Susie Disher (Burns Lk)  210

3rd Low Net         Wayne & Krista Sanwald  150

4th Low Gross     Lyle & Barb Harvey (Terrace)  214

4th Low Net         Paul & Debbie Van Bergen (Houston)  153

5th Low Gross     Ray & Bonnie Edgar (Houston)  220

5th Low Net         Mike & Heather Masch  158