Intoxicated people take up bulk of RCMP time

A summary of police incidents between April 21 and April 27.

April 21

Kitimat RCMP responded to a call of a stolen wallet at a person’s home. The items were taken from an unlocked car in the driveway.

An accidental 911 call had police responding to a home. Police determined the call was a misdial.

April 22

Police were called to investigate a robbery at the Cooks Jewelers store at City Centre Mall. Police say over $11,000 in goods were taken. Police continue to investigate the case along with a similar file in Terrace that same day.

April 23

An unwanted patron at a local pub had police attend, after the subject had returned to the business. Police found the person intoxicated and causing a disturbance and was arrested and held in the cells for the night. Was later released without incident.

April 24

Police and paramedics responded to  a person on the ground near a bus stop. The man appeared to have been beaten up but the person, who was intoxicated, had no recollection of what happened. Person urged by police to call them if he could recall any details.

A drunk person was found passed out in a parking lot in town. Police could not find any person who could care for him for the night so the person was lodged in the cells for the night. He was released with a violation ticket in the morning.

April 25

A pit bull was reportedly running at large. Police located the dog and its owner and the owner was told to keep the dog on a leash. The Humane Society was notified and later spoke with the pet owner.

A mountain bike was stolen from a truck parked in the carport of a home. Theft took place sometime between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. Bike was not locked or chained up.

April 26

A vehicle stop discovered an impaired driver after the vehicle was noted to be speeding and drifting. The vehicle was impounded and a roadside prohibition was served.

Police found two intoxicated people while on patrol, wandering in a public area. The persons could not care for themselves and were lodged in cells for the night. Both were given violation tickets.

April 27

Police responded to a false alarm at a business.

Police were called to a pub on a report of a customer who refused to leave and was causing a disturbance. On police arrival the server and customer had worked things out and  the customer had left willingly.