A fire burns two homes in Cablecar on August 21.

A fire burns two homes in Cablecar [Updated]

A fire, which possibly began in a garage, has burned two homes on Chinook Street in Cablecar.

An 8:26 a.m. fire call had 15 Kitimat firefighters on scene to a property on Chinook Street in Cablecar.

Fire Chief Trent Bossence said that the first fire crew arrived at the blaze at 8:37 a.m., where two homes, joined at the garage, were on fire.

Bossence said there was extensive damage to the two garages which were further to the rear of the property.

Both houses were also involved in flames and he adds that the structure as a whole — including both homes — had extensive fire damage.

“Everybody got out of the residence of both properties…on their own,” he said. “No injuries reported to me or the hall.”

The investigation into the fire will focus on the garages, he said, which seems to be where the most damage is, and is also where eyewitnesses say they saw flames early on.

The garages were holding vehicles and Bossence said there was a “significant fuel load” that he presumes would have been a contributing factor to the intensity of the fire.

Firefighters were back at the hall around 2:00 p.m.