The Ice Demons playing during the alumni tournament, the last game for the 2016/17 season. Photo Gerry Leibel

The Demons need you

They’re gearing up for the new season and are looking for new players

The Kitimat Ice Demons are gearing up for the new season and they’re looking for new players to join the team.

Recruiting committee member Josh Slanina said the team is hoping to get enough players together before June 15, the date by which the Demons need to submit their name to the league.

“The league has to know whether we have a team together so that they can include us in scheduling for the games,” said Slanina.

He said the team is hoping to add more players to the 18 players from last season’s team.

“We’re trying to get younger guys into the team, but we will consider any player as long as they’re 18 years and older,” said Slanina.

“As this is a competitive league, though, we’d prefer applications from players who have had some experience.”

He added that the team would welcome players with open arms if they are dedicated, players that are good enough to help the team win.

He said the team will start practicing in September, with the first games in October, the season consisting of 16 games, eight at home and eight away.

“It’s usually just one weekend in the season that we’re away from Kitimat for more than a day,” said Slanina. “For the rest of the games, we are usually back in Kitimat the same day.”

He said players don’t need to pay to play in the league, but will have to provide their own kit.

The Demons conduct fundraisers throughout the season which cover

travel costs for away games.

Anyone interested in applying to join the Demons can contact Slanina via email at, or through the Demons’ Facebook page, Kitimat Ice Demons.