It’s worth the drift for sure

The Kitimat River is a non motorized river, making the 18 or so mile drift a day of serenity.

The Red Bridge, as it’s called, is the 18 mile distance from Kitimat and there is no fishing for salmon above this bridge as it’s the upper section for the spawning salmon.

No motors gives you the experience of nature at its fullest, from song birds, beavers, bears, eagles and wolves in their natural habitat – it’s worth the drift for sure.

The drift can be done with rafts, driftboats and pontoon boats.

Navigating down the river can be a challenge for sure and mistakes can be costly, including your life, so watch out for logjams and sub-surface obstructions.

The river flow always wants to push you into the logs, so proper rowing experience is a must.

A popular lure to use are Hotshots, a diver-type plug with a bill that dives when in the current.

These space-invader lures really attract or anger the Chinook salmon into a biting frenzy and when they bite, your rod bends like no other.

If you’re an inexperienced angler, this is the best way to enjoy the battle with the King of all Salmon.

First timers, a father and son from California, with a Tyee Salmon (30+) pounds using this Hotshot lure method with success.