Tom Bergen wants motorists driving into Cable Car to wave.

Wave, you’re in Cable Car!

Cable Car resident Ted Bergen wants motorists driving into his neighbourhood to wave.

Presenting a “Wave! You’re in Cable Car” sign at the District of Kitimat council meeting on Monday night last week, Bergen said he was at council representing the sign’s sponsor, who chose to remain anonymous, seeking approval of the sign.

“When someone waves at you, you can’t stop. You can’t control yourself. You wave. And about three seconds after that, you get a darned good feeling,” said Bergen. “We wave – everybody is happy.”

He said he had been asked by the sponsor to present the sign at council and to motivate for council’s approval to have it posted, which would be paid for by another anonymous Cable Car resident.

He proposed to council that the sign be erected along Oolichan Avenue, between the turnoff from the highway and the T-junction.

He said one of the residents along Oolichan had already communicated to him he would be willing to have the sign posted on the pavement adjacent to his home.

“There is no cost to the taxpayers. The sponsor just wanted to dot the i’s and cross the t’s,” said Bergen.

He added that he had conducted a poll on the Cable Car Facebook page, and out of the 180 people who read his post, 30 had responded positively and no negative comments were received.

Councillor Larry Walker said it was a very positive sign, while Councillor Mary Murphy said the sign would get motorists to slow down in an area where she had received complaints about motorists speeding.

Councillor Edwin Empinado applauded Bergen on the initiative, but suggested that care be taken to follow the proper process as to the location of the sign.

The motion to approve the sign was passed and staff was instructed to consult with the District’s engineering department as to the proper legal sighting of the sign.