One of the tanks that will be removed. Photo supplied by LNG Canada

Demolition work at old Methanex site to begin

Disposal of the scrap steel is also part of the contract

LNG Canada has awarded a contract for the demolition and removal of the former methanol terminal infrastructure in Kitimat.

LNG Canada communications advisor Kirsten Walker said Servco Industrial Contractors Ltd. (SIC), a subsidiary of Servco Canada Group, in partnership with the Haisla Nation, was granted the contract for work on the site.

This includes the demolition and removal of six large above-ground steel tanks, and underground cables, pipelines and utilities lines used by the methanol terminal.

Walker said disposal of the scrap steel is also part of the contract with Servco, who have subcontracted this work to a company in Terrace.

“Remediation of the ground under the tanks is currently not part of the Servco contract, as LNG Canada will take extensive soil samples after tank demolition to determine what needs to be done,” said Walker. She added that the work is likely to begin as soon as July 17 and be completed towards the end of the year. At the project’s peak, nearly 45 local people will be working at the site in Kitimat.

“Work will occur during daytime hours, six days a week. In the coming weeks, people in the community can expect to see trucks bringing equipment such as excavators to the site. Once the work starts, trucks will be transporting the scrap steel to the recycling facility,” said Walker.

She said each of the activities LNG Canada is currently undertaking has a single objective in mind – “to move the project one step closer to a final investment decision and to be ready to move into construction”.